Yongqi Chen - New Media Artist

I am an artist, adventurer and explorer

I am a new media artist that just graduated at Ryerson, Toronto. After spending four years in new media program, I have acquired technical skills including coding, circuit designing, fabricating etc., connecting with practicing vocabularies of critique and analysis, as well as gaining familiarity with historical and contemporary precedents.

“Why did you choose to study new media?” My answer has always been: “Because I was interested in almost every subject in high school! Math, physics, chemistry, literature, history, music and etc. I realized that this program would not narrow the choices of what I wanted to study, instead, it gave me an opportunity to accessing whatever I was interested in, and could even expand the possibilities of how I would use my knowledge.”

It is true that curiosity has been my main drive in life, that I always have a desire for studying how things work and why. A broad range of skills allow me to have good understanding as well as communication with other cross-disciplinary co-workers during collaboration, and I enjoy the process of self-educating when encountering new information that is beyond my knowledge.